Naturally Better Protein™

What is
Truseed P

For folks looking to optimize their physique and performance, there’s arguably not a more effective dietary strategy than a higher-protein diet. The demand for high-quality protein supplements is at an all-time high. With growing consumer concerns over animal products (e.g., GMO grains, steroids, growth hormones, animal cruelty), increased awareness around allergens and a rise in the number of vegans and vegetarians , the demand for plant-based proteins is growing faster than the supply.

Enter TruSeed™ P: Pumpkin Seed Protein/Extract

Protein Comparison:

  1. Grains might be introduced during the harvest process of pea/rice
  2. Soy lecithin can be introduced during spray drying process of whey

Who It’s For

Fit individuals looking for a clean protein.Perfect for vegans and vegetarian diets, keto and paleo diets, as well as for dairy and lactose sensitive diets.



Over 75% Protein (High Bioavailability and Digestibility)

No More Green Grit – Clean and Easy to Mix

Organic, Kosher, Halal and BRC Certified

Great Mouth Feel  (Proprietary Processing Technology)

Non-GMO and Non-Allergenic (e.g. No Dairy, Soy & Tree Nuts)

Free from Glyphosate, Herbicides and Pesticides

How to Use

1 – 3

Servings per day

Can add to recipes, smoothies, and more

5 – 30 grams

Per serving

Ways to use TruSeedP:





Come Straight to the Source.

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