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Work with leading formulators and researchers from across the globe to create your own branded ingredient. NNB has developed numerous groundbreaking ingredients and brought them to market. We invite you to discover Ingredientology, powered by NNB, and to partner with us to bring your exciting concept to life.

Our Technologies

How we create your ingredients

Fermentation Technology

Fermentation Technology

An alternative to synthetics with harsh extraction solvents, fermentation is a breakthrough, natural and eco-friendly process.

Enzymatic Conversion

Enzymatic Conversion

Employing the use of highly specific bioactive enzymes, enzymatic conversion technology efficiently creates molecules in a green, safe and controllable manner.

Plant Extraction

Plant Extraction

High-tech and economically efficient, plant extraction technology draws out natural bioactive compounds present within botanicals.

Organic Synthesis

Organic Synthesis

Using “green” chemistry, organic synthesis allows for the creation of ingredients through a controllable and environmentally friendly process.

Our processes

How we improve your ingredients

  • Powderizing (Plating)
  • Bioavailability Enhancement
  • Stability & Protection
  • Molecular Bonding & Salts
  • Solubility Enhancement
  • Taste Masking & Flavoring
  • Particle Sizing & Density Adjustment

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