The Next Level Antioxidant™

What is

MitoPrime™ is NNB Biotech’s bio-perfected form of the histone derivative L-ergothioneine. MitoPrime is the first bona fide comprehensive oral cyto-protectant. That means it can protect the total cell from a full array of damaging agents.

MitoPrime may be the farthest-reaching, deepest-penetrating, longest-lasting oral antioxidant known. In addition, MitoPrime is designed to promote a healthy-inflammatory response, a healthy immune system, and cell detoxification. Most importantly, MitoPrime helps protect nuclear DNA and mitochondrial DNA, suggesting it acts as a genomic stabilizer, the #1 predictor of longevity. In fact, MitoPrime’s active, L-ergothioneine has been dubbed the “Longevity Vitamin” by today’s scientific community.

Studies in humans have found no toxicity or adverse effects to be associated with supplementation with L-ergothioneine, which is found naturally in mushrooms, even at high doses.

The Benefits:

Powerful, long-lasting antioxidant potential shown to be superior to glutathione, with a half-life of 30 days compared to glutathione’s 10 minutes

Shown to eliminate DNA damaging acids and singlet oxygen up to 75 x better than any known oral antioxidant

Mal helps promote a healthy inflammatory response

May provide support for immune challenges

May provide antioxidant protection for mitochondria and promote cellular energy production

May help provide support for genomic stability, the #1 predictor of longevity

Who It’s For

MitoPrime™ is for anyone looking for nutritional support that promotes a long, healthy, robust life, as it helps protect body-global cells, tissues, organs.



Patented synthesis process pioneered by our scientific team

Free amino acid, not in a salt form so it’s more concentrated

Thione form, more active and available at physiologic pH than the Thiol form

L-isomer, biologically active

HPLC tested for purity and optical rotation tested for active isomer

Natural fermentation process

Ergothioneine is known as ET in research, and the active isomer is known as L-ET.

The L-ET transporter, ETT, is a powerful and highly specific transporter for the uptake of L-ET. Our ability to absorb, distribute, and retain L-ET depends solely on this transporter.

Not only does L-ET get into the nucleus of our cells to protect our DNA, it can get into our mitochondria, which are the cellular powerhouses that generate ATP (cellular energy).

How to Use

1 – 3

Servings per day

Small dose means transdermal, sublingual, and ultra-small delivery is possible.
Stable in aqueous solution, mix with smoothies or shakes, perfect for capsules

5 – 10 mg

Per serving

Ways to use MitoPrime:





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For even more scientific and technical information, download the MitoPrime flyer.


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