The Next Level Antioxidant™

What is

MitoPrime is NNB Biotech’s bio-perfected form of the histone derivative L-ergothioneine. MitoPrime is the first bona fide comprehensive oral cyto-protectant. That means it can protect the total cell from a full array of damaging agents.

MitoPrime may be the farthest-reaching, deepest-penetrating, longest lasting oral antioxidant known. In addition, MitoPrime functions as root-cause anti-inflammatory, a multi-pathway immune booster, and cell detoxifier. Most importantly, MitoPrime helps protect nDNA and mtDA, suggesting it acts as a genomic stabilizer, the #1 predictor of longevity. In fact, MitoPrime’s active, L-ergothioneine has been dubbed the “Longevity Vitamin” by today’s scientific community.

Studies in humans have found no toxicity or adverse effects to be associated with ET administration, even at high doses.

The Benefits:

The strongest and longest acting antioxidant known. Up to 30 x better than glutatione, with a half life of 30 days as opposed to glutathione’s10 minutes

Eliminates DNA damaging acids and singlet oxygen up to 75 x better than any known oral antioxidant

Promotes a healthy anti-inflammatory response

May helps protect against the effects of extreme viruses

Protects the mitochondria and boosts cellular energy

Helps create genomic stability, the #1 predictor of longevity

Who It’s For

MitoPrime™ is for anyone looking to lead a long, healthy, robust life, as it helps protect body-global cells, tissues, organs.



Patented synthesis process pioneered by our scientific team

Free amino acid, not in a salt form so it’s more concentrated

Thione form, more active and available at physiologic pH than the Thiol form

L-isomer, biologically active

HPLC tested for purity and optical rotation tested for active isomer

Natural fermentation process

Ergothioneine is known as ET in research, and the active isomer is known as L-ET.

The L-ET transporter, ETT, is a powerful and highly specific transporter for the uptake of L-ET. Our ability to absorb, distribute, and retain L-ET depends solely on this transporter.

Not only does L-ET get into the nucleus of our cells to protect our DNA, it can get into our mitochondria which is the cellular powerhouse that generates ATP (cellular energy).

How to Use

1 – 3

Servings per day

Small dose means transdermal, sublingual, and ultra-small delivery is possible.
Stable in aqueous solution, mix with smoothies or shakes, perfect for capsules

5 – 10 mg

Per serving

Ways to use MitoPrime:





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For even more scientific and technical information, download the MitoPrime flyer.


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