Igniting The Metabolic Fire Within™

What is

L-BAIBA is the body’s signal for high intensity exercise so you can get more out of every rep and every step.

Increased levels of L-BAIBA are associated with many of exercise’s numerous benefits.

The Benefits:

May decrease body fat and improve body composition

Shown in research to improve carb tolerance and insulin sensitivity

Enhances the body’s exercise signal to intensify exercise efforts

Promotes anti-aging, mitochondrial function, and cellular energy benefits

Increases ketones, promoting cognition, reduced appetite, and muscle protection

Who It’s For

MitoBurn™ L-BAIBA is great for athletes trying to get more out of their workout, casually active individuals looking to amplify diet and workout as well as those looking for healthy ways to get leaner and more fit.



HPLC tested and purity verified (NLT 98%)

L-isomer of BAIBA is biologically active

L-isomer confirmed via optical rotation testing

D-BAIBA is not as biologically active

“Free acid” form is more potent

Identical form studied in peer-reviewed research

MitoBurnTM L-BAIBA, an amino acid metabolite of L-valine, is triggered by the PGC-1α protein from exercising muscles.

BAIBA is one of the myokines, known as “exercise factors”, which play a powerful role behind the benefits of regular exercise, such as improved glucose uptake, increased free fatty acid oxidation, and reduced fat mass.

BAIBA also initiates the “browning” of white adipose tissue, which increases energy expenditure, improves insulin sensitivity, and helps regulate weight management.

How to Use

1 – 2

Servings per day

Timing: Pre exercise

Ideal for capsules, powders, and RTD beverages. Heat tested to 212 ̊ F.

Synergizes with many commonly-used weight loss and pre workout ingredients, as well as exogenous ketones (e.g. KetoVantage®).

500 -750 mg

Per serving

Ways to use MitoBurn:





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