The Super Berberine™

What is

GlucoVantage® is the first commercially available brand of Dihydroberberine (DHB), which is an active metabolite of berberine.

Berberine has been shown to support healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range, insulin sensitivity, and body composition. Dihydroberberine helps overcome limitations of standard berberine, such as low bioavailability and GI distress.

The Benefits:

Compared to berberine, DHB has shown to be up to 5x more bioavailable/absorbable, and 2x longer-lasting (8 hours vs. 4 hours)

Supports healthy insulin sensitivity, carbohydrate tolerance, and healthy blood glucose levels already within a normal range.

Supports body composition via AMPK, preferentially driving carbohydrates to muscle rather than fat

Provides anti-aging support by helping promote normal metabolism of advanced glycation end-products, which are correlated with biological aging

May help increase plasma BHB (ketones). DHB may be associated with reduced GI stress compared to berberine

How It Works

GlucoVantage® provides support for metabolic health and healthy weight management, by promoting healthy insulin sensitivity and healthy blood sugar levels already within a normal range.

May have synergy with exogenous ketone or MCT administration (e.g. KetoVantage® or C8Vantage™).



Highly bioavailable form of berberine (up to 5x more effective)

More cost-effective alternative to berberine

Less potential GI distress than berberine

No Adulteration or Herbal Spiking (HPLC/HPTLC)

Non-GMO and derived from natural berberine

Insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal support

Dihydroberberine (DHB) is a metabolite of berberine. Interestingly, gut microbes reduce berberine into its tissue-ready form of DHB, which is then converted back to berberine after absorption in intestinal tissues.

In other words, supplementation with DHB bypasses the rate-limiting step of microbial reduction. This is why DHB has significantly greater functional benefits compared to berberine. Supplementation with DHB mitigates potential GI distress that some experience with berberine, which is likely the result of poor absorption and/or microbial reduction.

How to Use

1 – 2

Servings per day

Timing: prior to meals

Topical application may have added benefits. 

May have synergy when co-administered with probiotics, exogenous ketones, and/or MCTs (e.g. KetoVantage® & C8VantageTM). 

100 – 200 mg

Per serving

Ways to use GlucoVantage:





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