MCTs Evolved™

What is

C8Vantage™ is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) that maximizes the production of ketones, promoting increased energy, mental clarity, appetite control and performance.

Unlike long-chain fatty acids (the predominant type of dietary fat), MCTs have a high “ketogenicity”, meaning that they are readily converted to ketone bodies, an important, clean-burning fuel for the brain and muscles. C8Vantage™ features MCT C8, the most ketogenic MCT.

The Benefits:

May improve athletic performance & body composition

May help increase satiety and promote healthy appetite management

May improve focus and enhance cognition

Helps raise ketone levels even without carbohydrate restriction

Non-GMO & sustainable

Who It’s For

C8Vantage™ is ideal for folks looking to support elevated levels of ketones – even without carbohydrate restriction – which may promote mental clarity and focus, healthy appetite management, physical performance, and more. It’s perfect for vegans and folks following a vegetarian, paleo, and keto diets, and everything in between. It is also dairy-free.



Maximum Ketone Production (C8 MCTs vs. “Normal” MCTs)

Vegan Friendly (Plated on Pea Protein & Tapioca Fiber)

Convenient Powder that Mixes Easily

No Messy Oil

No Dairy, No Maltodextrin

Non-GMO, Sustainable

C8Vantage™ uses plant-based fiber and protein (such as prebiotics fiber from tapioca and pea protein) as special carriers making it suitable for all consumers: vegans and vegetarians, non-GMO, non-dairy, keto and paleo.

Our proprietary technology removes the majority of C10, C12 and long chain fats (LCFAs), so 95% of the oil is MCT C8 (a 70% MCT dry powder).

Due to its composition, C8Vantage™ has no blood glucose or insulin effect, and results in the highest production of ketones in the body.

How to Use

1 – 3

Servings per day

In smoothies, shakes or recipes

8 – 10 grams

Per serving

Ways to use C8Vantage:





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