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We are NNb

At NNB we create ingredients and believe our solid foundation is built through strength in partnerships and meaningful collaboration.

Our clients are supplement, food & beverage companies as well as manufacturers and innovators who are passionate about developing groundbreaking products geared for greater performance and healthier living.

We have decades of experience building businesses and developing ingredients from the ground up in the supplement and raw material industries. With a vision to create new and novel ingredients to support human performance and longevity we earned our prestigious place in the market.

Creating. Innovating.

Do you wonder how your brand can stand out in the industry with thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of ingredients?

It starts with developing novel and unique ingredients.

We can support your growth in many ways whether we supply our branded ingredients we’ve spent years designing, patenting, researching and testing, or help you create your own ingredients.
Our experienced team is equipped to bring your ingredients ideas to life as dedicated CREATORS and INNOVATORS.

We are global

NNB is an elite global team of over 100 scientists from more than 10 countries designing and delivering 100’s of unique ingredients.

Meet the Team

Kylin Liao


Mr. Kylin Liao is the founder of NNB nutrition. He graduated from an elite global university with a Masters in Chemistry and has more than 10 years experience in the dietary supplement industry.

He earned his warm reputation building partnerships of high integrity and with a key focus on delivering quality solutions for his clients. Kylin has a deep passion for human life and longevity and devotes himself to creating unique ingredients to support healthy living and high performance.

Kylin and his team are driving NNB’s success leading with great passion, scientific solutions, outstanding research ability, highest of quality control and wonderful customer service.

Mr. Yuhong Xu

Executive Vice President

Mr. Yuhong Xu is the executive vice president of NNB Nutrition. He gained his Master of Business
Administration in an elite global university and has more than 10-year experience in strategic
management and human resource management.

Mr. Yuhong Xu has deep understanding in business management and is able to use specific
scientific managing methods to lead the team to a high-quality and high-efficiency performance.

While sticking to his principles, he solves problems in a flexible and appropriate manner.

Shawn Wells


Known globally for formulations and novel ingredients Shawn has been dubbed in the nutritional supplement industry as ``The World's Greatest Formulator``, formulating over 500 products. He has been integral to 10 novel ingredient patents including two of the most popular in energy: TeaCrine & Dynamine.

He’s been a driving force behind dihydroberberine, C8 MCTs, exogenous ketones and many ingredients that NNB has pioneered and innovated.

Shawn’s own health journey with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Obesity, and a pituitary tumor led him to become a Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fellow in the International Society of Sports Nutrition and a nutritional biochemist.

His scientific expertise has led him to feature on worldwide stages, top health and lifestyle podcasts and TV such as FOX and Good Morning Lala Land.

We believe in high performance and integrity driven solutions. Our teams’ focus is yours, to lead the market and change lives one ingredient at a time.


Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Ralf Jäger
  • Dr. Martin Purpura
  • Shawn Wells
  • Josh Field
  • Dr. Chad Kerksick

Dr. Ralf Jäger

Dr. Ralf Jäger is a world-class inventor of functional foods and dietary supplements ingredients and a leading expert in probiotics and sports nutrition. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers, industry publications and mainstream media articles, on sports nutrition, brain, joint, heart and gut health. Having studied at the California Institute of Technology and the University of Bonn, he began his career developing new bio-active ingredients for a leading multi-national billion dollar company and advanced in his career to vice president of marketing and sales before co-founding Increnovo in 2007.

Dr. Martin Purpura

Dr. Purpura is a highly regarded expert in new product development in the nutritional and health category, and squires ideas from concept to development to monetization in the commercial marketplace. His experience in nutrition, research in bioactive ingredients and technologies, regulatory affairs work, and intellectual property management, have aided the development of numerous new products in the nutritional and food & beverage industries

Dr. Purpura is a leader in the development of products that are safe, clinically proven and consumer-friendly products that offer health and technologically desirable benefits, such as improved shelf-life and/or improved absorption and bioavailability.

Shawn Wells

Mr. Wells has triumphantly battled diseases he has. His health journey led him to become a Registered Dietitian, Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fellow in the International Society of Sports Nutrition and a nutritional biochemist. He’s been on top podcasts and TV such as Onnit and Ben Greenfield, Fox News etc.

Mr. Wells is known globally for formulations and novel ingredients and has been dubbed in the nutritional supplement industry as “The World’s Greatest Formulator”, formulating over 500 products. He was driving force behind dihydroberberine, C8 MCTs, exogenous ketones and so many other ingredients that NNB has pioneered and innovated.

Josh Field

Josh Field is an innovative and energetic business professional with experience in the health and nutrition segment, optimizing workflow, and motivating teams to meet goals with positivity and pride. Recognized for exceptional communication skills while making impactful contributions in both the supplement and food technology industry.  Josh has co-founded and operated four successful fitness companies in the past 15 years along with have worked for some very successful food companies such as Quest Nutrition.

Dr. Chad Kerksick

Dr. Kerksick is currently an Associate Professor of Exercise Science in the School of Health Sciences at Lindenwood University and serves as the Director of the Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory (www.lindenwood.edu/epnl). His primary research interests include topics related to exercise and nutrition including and in particular those that involve physiologic, biochemical, cellular and molecular adaptations relative to various forms of exercise and nutrition interventions. His ongoing research continues to examine questions that focus on the accretion of skeletal muscle, nutritional supplementation, weight loss and body composition changes, and the promotion of health and recovery in healthy, active, and clinical populations.

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