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What is

KetoVantage® is a pure and effective exogenous ketone salt called Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which provides clean-burning fuel for the brain and muscles.

Studies on exogenous ketones show enhanced levels of ketones and improvements in athletic performance, recovery, appetite control and mental clarity.

The Benefits:

Not only Fuel the brain, but are also used by skeletal and cardiac muscles

Improves performance and appetite control.

Help accelerate ketosis with or without following a ketogenic diet

Provides the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels

Enhances keto-adaptation—get into ketosis faster

Who It’s For

Athletes striving for improved performance
Consumers seeking improved cognition and focus, as well as improved body composition

Anyone that wants to be deeper in ketosis or reduce “keto flu” symptoms. Adults needing increased energy



HPLC Purity Verified

Active Isomer (D/R form)

Raises BHB Levels 2-3x than Mixed Isomers (DL)

More Effective with Less Minerals (Salts)

Free of Formaldehyde

First to Market with Ketone Supplements

Under normal circumstances, our bodies primarily use glucose as fuel. When carbohydrates are not readily available (such as in the case of prolonged fasting, carbohydrate restriction, or prolonged exercise), the body shifts to burning fat for fuel.

However, the brain and central nervous system can’t use fat for energy, and consequently, the body is forced to turn to an “alternate fuel source”— ketones. The liver creates ketones from fats via the process of ketogenesis, which are then released into the blood/plasma. Ketones not only fuel the brain, but are also used by skeletal and cardiac muscles.

Supplementing with KetoVantage® can help accelerate ketosis, provide the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels, and enhance keto-adaptation—with or without following a ketogenic diet.

How to Use

1 – 3

Servings per day

Available in 3 forms:
sodium, calcium and magnesium salts.

3 – 10 grams

Per serving

Ways to use KetoAdvantage:





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